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We help the banking & finance industry defend & mitigate against cybercrime.

The banking & financial industry will always be primary targets of criminals. Now more than ever, fraudsters are counterfeiting the look and feel of trustworthy and respectable banking and insurance brands to deceive users into compromising their information.

Criminals use covert means of keeping things anonymous while also building trust through; flash marketing collateral and website media; unauthorized phishing offers to lure unsuspecting visitors to a fraudulent site; and investment fraud. These cold-calling tactics known as boiler rooms are growing as criminals target customers through targeted call lists.

Unauthorized claims of affiliation on social media sites and/or blogs have become more prevalent. These criminals are seeking to benefit from existing companies’ brand equity. The leaking of sensitive material from internal and external sources is a major risk to any brand and can result in reputation issues, financial penalties or criminal prosecutions.

At IFW Global, we work with an array of clients, from multinational financial institutions to high profile billionaires. We monitor, investigate and uncover fraudulent activity and aim to prevent loss or damage – our in-house software team is constantly adapting our solutions to provide a tailor-made service for every unique situation, ultimately helping individuals and companies from the financial and banking industry to protect customer trust, loyalty, brand reputation and financial revenue.

IFW Global offers a range of solutions to the banking & financial industry which helps to mitigate and prevent the cost, risk and damage caused by fraudsters, hackers and cyber criminals.

  • Surveillance
  • Physical Investigations
  • Corporate Espionage
  • Serious and Organised Fraud Investigations
  • Multi-jurisdictional Debt & Asset Recovery
  • Cyber Investigations
  • Due Diligence
  • Corporate Security
  • Email tracking & IP tracing
  • Executive Protection
  • Custom Intelligence Reports