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Brand Harm

Online Brand Enforcement Program

IFW Global can protect one of your company’s most valuable assets – your brand. IFW has the technology and capability to preserve brand equity and customer loyalty by reducing the misuse of your brand and minimizing confusion and fraud. The IFW Brand Protection program can reduce infringing advertisements by up to 90% in the first six months of implementation.

IFW Global provides a fully integrated service to ensure your brand, trademark or copyright is protected around the clock and around the world. The Sentinel ® System is IFW’s bespoke monitoring and enforcement system, designed to take decisive action against offenders. IFW’s brand protection team conducts detailed analysis on infringement statistics and offenders and carries out online investigations to develop actionable intelligence on the ground. IFW has a proven track record for identifying wholesalers and shutting down their operations through raids, seizures and arrest operations all over the world. IFW Global shares close strategic alliances with various law enforcement agencies involved in the protection of intellectual property rights in many jurisdictions of the world.

Due Diligence

IFW is retained on a regular basis by multinational clients to collect, analyze and report intelligence relating to corporate matters such as internal corruption, business disputes, infiltration of organized crime, workplace violence, unfair competition and matters under litigation. IFW professionals have extensive relationships with serving and non-serving law enforcement and government & intelligence professionals around the world as well as media and various regulatory agencies.

Corporate Espionage

At IFW, our investigators and intelligence operatives work closely with multinational corporations and their security advisors to gather intelligence on internal and external threats associated with the theft of proprietary information, trade secrets and intellectual property. IFW works covertly and in close alignment with government bodies and law enforcement agencies whilst gathering evidence and intelligence on potential threats to an organization and its personnel. IFW conducts physical and electronic surveillance operations, investigations and cyber intelligence to uncover and mitigate potential threats and security risks in real time to combat espionage. IFW has caused the successful arrest and prosecution of offenders involved in corporate espionage in numerous foreign jurisdictions.

Physical Investigations

The world’s largest corporations rely on IFW Global to conduct physical investigations worldwide to mitigate and prevent a range of different corporate risk concerns, such as theft, embezzlement, ponzi schemes, threats of violence, policy violations, blackmail and corruption.

Other matters include but are not limited to; Internet fraud, electronic bugging, extortion, competitive intelligence, industrial espionage, due diligence, kickbacks, trademark and patent infringement, piracy, counterfeiting, product diversion, litigation support and more.

IFW succeeds in such a diverse range of complex cross-border investigations through a combination of technical and physical resources, including the use of high-tech tracking techniques, Internet forensic tools, the use of communications intelligence and close working relationships with local law enforcement agencies. IFW professionals are located on every continent of the world and have the expertise, in-country contacts and experience to navigate and bring to light elaborate schemes at multiple facilities in numerous countries. IFW can scale an investigation as needed when new intelligence becomes available.

Cyber Intelligence

There are a great number of products delivering various levels of threat monitoring, often automated solutions which alarm clients of suspicious activity. These often only skim the surface of digital crime and although able to initiate investigative work, their job often stops there.

IFW Global has provided actionable intelligence to dozens of multinational brands across the globe. This intelligence often leads to numerous raids, seizures and arrests. IFW has invaluable relationships with many legal entities around the world, these relationships allow IFW to gather deeper insight and intelligence at much faster pace than traditional methods.  IFW can track online movements and activities of perpetrators anywhere in the world by identifying patterns and digital fingerprints.

If your brand is looking to unmask repeat offenders or gather intelligence on the whereabouts of factories, call centers or syndicates, IFW global can provide the actionable intelligence to combat these cyber criminals at their source.


Cyber Investigations

The use of the Internet by organized crime groups has become increasingly common and some of the more sophisticated online offenders have taken advantage of legal loopholes, weaknesses in international law enforcement capabilities and jurisdictional limitations. IFW investigators establish the correct legal jurisdiction of an Internet crime through proven investigative methods resulting in successful arrests and prosecutions.

The use of technology enables cyber criminals to operate in multiple jurisdictions with a high degree of anonymity. This greatly reduces the chances of getting caught and therefore raises the profile of certain crimes as being low risk. Low Risk-High Profit crimes are the preferred crime for fraudsters, hackers, counterfeiters and pirates.

IFW succeeds in complex cross-border investigations through a combination of technical and physical resources, including the use of high-tech tracking techniques, Internet forensic tools, the use of communications intelligence and close working relationships with cyber intelligence professionals and local law enforcement agencies.

Anti-Piracy and Copyright Protection

Protecting online content takes commitment from a wide range of people and organisations. IFW Global has developed strategic alliances and partnerships with major TV and movie studios, major broadcasters, digital rights holders, Pay-Tv networks and Conditional Access providers from all over the globe. These content providers trust IFW to investigate and expose the source of the piracy. Piracy comes in many forms including the illegal streaming of licensed content via websites, smart card piracy, the sale and distribution of decoders, pirated devices and illegal hacking. IFW’s proven online and on the ground surveillance and intelligence resources have resulted in the successful arrest and prosecution of many pirates and the disruption and closure of global online piracy networks.

Counterfeiting Investigations

The IFW Anti-Counterfeiting program protects your reputation, your brand equity and customer loyalty from the negative effects of counterfeit merchandise in the marketplace. IFW, through key relationships with local law enforcement agencies units across the globe, has provided actionable intelligence on the ground which has led to numerous raids, seizures and arrests worldwide.

The global value of counterfeiting is worth $1.77 trillion. The global total of all Anti-Counterfeiting seizures is only $1.22 billion – a mere 0.07%. The almost non-existent Anti-Counterfeiting action on the ground has encouraged rogue entities to produce and distribute counterfeits at an alarming rate. Counterfeit goods from luxury apparel, aircraft engine parts, to life-saving medicine have saturated the market. The dilution in sales leads to a massive amount of lost revenue for brand owners. Counterfeit and substandard products erode brand equity and can potentially cause life threatening situations and damaging lawsuits.

IFW can identify and target prolific offenders, conduct search and seizure operations and shut down factories and warehouses on the ground through collaboration and strategic alliances with local law enforcement agencies globally.

The occurrences of counterfeiting resulting in lost revenue can be significantly reduced by combining IFW’s Anti-Counterfeiting program with the IFW Online Brand Protection program, bringing two powerful intelligence resources together to combat global counterfeiting at its roots.

E-commerce Monitoring

The proliferation of e-commerce sites coupled with the low cost of entry to online promotion and sales channels has made this easily accessible to just about anyone. This has led to a steady increase in the availability of fake products online, some of which are counterfeit products or genuine products damaged through mishandling and sold through unauthorised sellers that violate the MSRP – all of which negatively affects the supply chain and has a detrimental effect on brand equity and on the goodwill of suppliers and customers.


IFW’s team of in-house software developers constantly update the IFW Sentinel® System to address the ever-evolving enforcement process on major e-commerce platforms. The Sentinel system uses multiple redundant servers that can monitor, scrape and analyse hundreds of major e-commerce sites to detect infringements. The system uses stealth technologies, running on servers spanning three continents allowing the monitoring of internet channels and web traffic while actively evading detection and blocking by these online platforms.