SOLUTIONS / Financial Harm

Financial Harm

Serious Fraud Investigations

IFW has extensive experience investigating serious and organized fraud in multiple jurisdictions around the world.  IFW tracks down the offenders behind complex frauds, uncovers the money trail and brings to light intelligence about their financial operations, physical locations and identity details. IFW also conducts serious fraud investigations by utilizing extensive surveillance means and profiling of suspects for civil and criminal action.

In addition, IFW works with internal legal experts who specialize in cross border fraud and asset recovery in foreign jurisdictions and using this expertise, IFW can freeze bank accounts and assets associated with offenders involved in serious fraud. In recent years, IFW has received law enforcement awards, plaques of recognition and commendations for uncovering major cyber fraud networks and syndicates whilst disrupting large scale fraud gangs working in Asia, Europe and Central America.

IFW has recovered millions of dollars for victims of fraud and continually manages complex class action lawsuits for large investor groups targeted by international fraudsters.

Multi-Jurisdictional Debt and Asset Recovery

IFW Global solutions go beyond traditional methods and instead integrates cyber intelligence, investigations, and on the ground monitoring into an end-to-end superior solution for recovering and tracking lost and stolen assets. By combining cyber investigations and ground based operations, IFW can identify the key individuals on the ground, and uncover actionable intelligence that can be used in a court of law to recover and track assets lost from fraud.

IFW Global delivers a unique cyber fraud recovery service that is not available elsewhere on the market. Law enforcement agencies are often too slow in their efforts to pinpoint the locations of assets and suspects. IFW Global has built an alert and focused company culture that ensures every case is dealt with as urgently as possible with sensitivity and a methodical approach. IFW leverages its in-house lawyers, along with nationally recognized expert litigators and attorneys that exclusively work on IFW cases.

The IFW Global multi-jurisdictional debt and recovery asset service has helped to recovery millions of dollars for IFW clients. By combining cyber investigations, intelligence and legal expertise, IFW can locate concealed assets or hidden funds and prove they were obtained by illegal means before filing recovery proceedings in any foreign jurisdiction.

Cyber Investigations

Brick and mortar bank robberies are steadily declining however criminals are only shifting their efforts elsewhere. Online cyber attacks are dramatically increasing. A cyber attack campaign in 2015 called ‘Carbanak’ successfully stole over $1 billion directly from hundreds of banks. Financial crimes now happen much more discreetly and in much larger volumes. Organized crime groups now use the internet to conduct fraudulent investment scams, falsify documents, steal credit card data and numerous other activities all designed to take financial assets from unsuspecting victims.

IFW investigators are able to establish the correct legal jurisdiction of an Internet crime through proven investigative methods resulting in successful arrests and prosecutions. Due to the nature of law enforcement being jurisdictional and the restriction of information between agencies, traditional methods of recovery through these law enforcement groups are very unlikely to succeed.

IFW succeeds in complex cross-border investigations through a combination of technical and physical resources, including the use of high-tech tracking techniques, Internet forensic tools, the use of communications intelligence and closely working with cyber intelligence professionals and local law enforcement agencies without the jurisdictional red tape.

In recent years we have helped to recover over $10 million dollars lost in fraud for our clients.

Custom Intelligence Reports

At IFW, we believe intelligence is the most powerful tool for countering security risks and threats in today’s age.  IFW works with an extensive array of well-placed contacts and sources around the world to produce tailored and customized intelligence reports on adversaries, competitors, criminals, political activists and radical groups. IFW uses a combination of physical and electronic resources, databases, tracking technology and advanced cyber intelligence worldwide to produce up-to-date, accurate and timely reports on suspects and targets.  IFW can customize any intelligence report regardless of country, nationality or social status of the subject.

IFW utilizes its extensive experience in cyber investigations and covert operations to identify the key individuals on the ground while uncovering actionable intelligence that can be used in a court of law to recover and track assets lost from fraud. IFW has in-house legal specialists who assist with each case as it progresses.

Physical Investigations & Surveillance

Victims of financial wrongdoing have successfully used the services of IFW to investigate, locate and recover financial losses from fraud, theft, embezzlement, blackmail and extortion.

IFW succeeds in a diverse range of financial fraud investigations by utilizing a combination of technical and physical resources, including the use of high-tech tracking techniques, Internet forensic tools, the use of communications intelligence and close working relationships with local law enforcement agencies. IFW professionals are located on every continent of the world and have the expertise, in-country contacts and experience to get the best possible result.