SOLUTIONS / Personal Harm

Personal Harm

Executive Protection

IFW Global security consultants regularly conduct security risk and threat assessments to protect individuals facing diverse threats. Whether you are a high profile executive travelling abroad or a politician at a time of unrest,  IFW will assess the risks, identify the vulnerabilities and determine effective security countermeasures tailored to your needs. IFW can also provide key intelligence and up-to-the-minute threat monitoring using online tools and cyber resources as well as investigation technology to ensure well informed decisions are made and that all risks and threats are identified.

Cyber Intelligence

IFW Global has provided actionable intelligence to law enforcement agencies, multinationals and individuals across the globe. This intelligence has led to numerous raids, seizures and arrests. The ability to assemble convincing evidence in a convoluted cybercrime investigation requires the diligence of constantly overseeing various areas of criminal activity. This is possible because of two unique factors. IFW has a collective of IFW agents that are highly focused and constantly alert to any occurrences of cybercrime. Also, IFW has invaluable relationships around the world with numerous legal entities and these relationships are the crucial factor in IFW’s immediacy of action.

Cyber Investigations

The use of the Internet by organized crime groups has become increasingly common and some of the more sophisticated online offenders have taken advantage of legal loopholes, weaknesses in international law enforcement capabilities and jurisdictional limitations.

IFW investigators establish the correct legal jurisdiction of an Internet crime through proven investigative methods resulting in successful arrests and prosecutions.

The use of technology enables cyber criminals to operate in multiple jurisdictions with a high degree of anonymity. This reduces the chances of getting caught and therefore raises the profile of certain crimes as being low risk. Low Risk-High Profit crimes are the preferred crime for fraudsters, hackers, counterfeiters and pirates.

IFW Global has a sophisticated operations center in the heart of Asia staffed with industry leading IT specialists, analysts and researchers. This fully equipped team has proven time and time again, that IFW has the ability to uncover and dismantle cross border crime syndicates. IFW Global is well known for bringing vital hidden information to light.

Fugitive Tracking

For over 20 years IFW investigators have been involved in tracking, exposing and facilitating the arrest of fugitives responsible for financial scams, frauds and other criminal activity. IFW also locates individuals wanted for civil matters such as outstanding court judgments, large debts or pending litigation.

Using an extensive network of associates around the world, IFW can track and expose the most elusive of individuals. In recent years IFW Global has helped law enforcement track down Interpol fugitives. If you are seeking to identify assets and recover damages from a criminal whose whereabouts is unknown, IFW Global can locate the fugitive as well as track and identify any connected assets or bank accounts for freezing and seizure through a court of law.

Physical Investigations & Surveillance

IFW succeeds in complex physical investigations through a combination of technical and physical resources, including the use of high-tech tracking techniques, surveillance tools, the use of communications intelligence and close working relationships with local law enforcement agencies.

IFW Global is able to place covert operatives in any scenario for any surveillance needs. In recent years IFW Global has been able to successfully track high profile fraudsters which has lead to the location of operation and call centers, assets and other key persons of interest.

If you have concerns about the suspicious actions of your employees or business partners, IFW Global can investigate and gather evidence on your behalf to be used in criminal prosecutions, civil actions or both.

Kidnapping, Abduction and Missing Persons

IFW professional investigators have extensive experience in dealing with issues such as international kidnapping, abduction and missing persons. Our highly trained team can assist in cases independently (or in conjunction with law enforcement officials) both nationally or internationally. Kidnappings are a high-tension situation, demanding strong discipline and attention to intricate details. Our staff have a variety of specialist backgrounds including the corporate sector, government services, law enforcement, foreign intelligence services, military and private security.