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Retail & Consumer Goods

We help the retail & consumer goods industry to disrupt & dismantle counterfeiting operations.

Today’s cyber-criminals are clever, and the counterfeit market continues to grow as fake websites look more realistic and illegitimate offers are made more enticing. With retailers depending on broad supply and distribution chains – and with counterfeiters often able to replicate labeling with ease – retail & consumer goods have become a prominent target.

Unauthorized use of your intellectual property will divert traffic from your brand and expose your customers to fraudulent sites or counterfeit goods. Safeguarding your customer traffic and protecting your legitimate route to market is therefore of paramount importance.

Customer diversion results not only in loss of revenue but also a dilution of your brand equity. Listings offering unauthorized products on rogue sites will lead to lost sales and reputation issues – as will a lack of visibility in the social media and app marketplace environment.

IFW Global can offer you a focused online brand protection program to fight these threats and maintain your brand’s value and status.

  • Counterfeiting Investigations
  • Physical Investigations
  • Online Brand Enforcement Program
  • Corporate Espionage
  • Cyber Investigations
  • Due Diligence
  • Email tracking & IP tracing
  • Custom Intelligence Reports