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We help the travel & events industry to mitigate & defend against cybercrime.

The Travel & Events sector needs to grow and manage its operations in a safe digital environment, a place where offenders can’t infiltrate. With cyber crimes growing at a global scale, the travel and hospitality sector has particular risks to consider. Some experts have stated that the hospitality industry has proven to be an easy target for cyber criminals because the offenders are looking to gain a large database of customer records with high transaction volume.

IFW Global helps travel, events and hospitality firms investigate espionage, and recover stolen IP and mitigate such attacks. The IFW Global Sentinel® system is proactive in preventing criminal cyber activities that can damage your business operations and reputation.

Features of the Sentinel system;

  • Monitoring online marketplaces for misuse of logos or trademarks. Our proven system leverages global intelligence to make sure infringements are minimized and monitored.
  • Most hospitality businesses depend on reliable reviews on the web for credibility and feedback. This makes the industry most vulnerable to bias feedback and online defamation.
  • IFW Global offers around-the-clock detection, reports and removal of any brand mentions that are defaming and causing the brand reputation damage.
  • Monitoring of the dark web to prevent and detect data leaks from reaching endpoints. With a dedicated team of analysts and experts, we can access threats as soon as they occur, and follow by taking appropriate action.
  • On-the-ground intelligence to safeguard financial and personal information against impending breaches.
  • Investigations that uncover the main sources behind sophisticated attacks, leaks and movements of offenders.

IFW services for the travel, events & hospitality industry

  • Physical Investigations
  • Corporate Espionage
  • Serious and Organised Fraud Investigations
  • Multi-jurisdictional Debt & Asset Recovery
  • Cyber Investigations
  • Due Diligence
  • Corporate Security
  • Email tracking & IP tracing
  • Executive Protection
  • Custom Intelligence Reports